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Description : Masale La Carte is a Trump card product in the kitty of Herbayur s range of prestigious products. The product after initial launch a few years ago, generated so much response and appeal that we were short of the product for over a month, due to unexpected demand from regular users. The demand was also supported by endorsements from throughout the world, by regular users, highlighting the benefits accrued from daily and regular use of Masale La Carte. In short, according to regular users, they have evolved a theory that, whatever they consume, Masale La Carte is an essential ingredient. Benefits extended by Masale La Carte, which is an exotic and immaculate balance of varied and choicest herbs and spices, are enormous. Basically, regular use in daily meals makes the meal tastier and sweet. The Aroma of the delicacies prepared with Masale La Carte, is so arousing and appealing to the appetite. The colour and flavour of the meals prepared seem to be a Paradise on earth. The specially formulated and blended spices and herbs of the choicest variety, activates the digestive enzymes for a total digestion, preventing various digestive disorders. Stimulation of the entire nervous system and the respiratory system results in a better reach of blood to all vital organs of the body. Regularization and a complete metabolism of food offer a fuller and a firmer muscle growth. In other words, Masale La Carte is an ultimate health tonic. Irrespective of age, anybody and everybody can consume it with food on a daily basis for remaining Hale and Hearty.
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