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  Honey Honey has been part of the human diet for almost 8000 years now. And is also known as The Nectar of the Gods. It is the best known antiseptic to mankind, offering profound antibacterial properties.
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  Blood Pure Capsules A unique research product with various herbs and barks , making it a Natural Blood Purifier. Pruritus which is normally associated with blood disorders, is effectively controlled by blood pure capsules. It also offers added advantages of improving the liver functions and eliminates toxic metabolites in the blood. The product offers relief in cutaneous manifestations in worm infestations. Administration of blood pure capsules over a six month period, 2 capsule twice a day gives significant results in overall health.
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  Skin Care Oil The skin care oil is a classic combination of specially selected herbs and spices which exhibit anti inflammatory activities in acne vulgaris and premenstrual acne. It also contains a blood purifying agents to make the skin clear and glowing. It is also recommended in various other skin conditions to bring back a bright and gleaming skin.
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  Nimbalin Powder Specially youngsters are more aware about their body complexion including face, in order to maintain a healthy look. Nimbalin powder is a unique product to take care of the skin and 3 gms of the powder is to be mixed with 10ml of water and to be taken twice a day before food. Excellent results derived after a use of over 6 months.
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