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  Honey Honey has been part of the human diet for almost 8000 years now. And is also known as The Nectar of the Gods. It is the best known antiseptic to mankind, offering profound antibacterial properties.
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  Chyvanprash As a daily health tonic for vigour and vitality, occupational stress, age related debility, stress related anxiety and chronic fatigue syndrome. An excellent product promoting youthfulness and slows down the ageing process. A very effective preparation for post operative convalescence, malaise and fatigue. Chyvanprash exhibits excellent results when administered after prolonged illness, general debility conditions and during and after Antibiotic and Antimalarial treatments. Everybody young and old can consume daily to remain Hale and Hearty.
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  Brain Balls Brain Balls is an innovative combination of Herbs and Spices for enhancing memory, coping up with learning disorders, Attention fluctuation, concentration impairment, Behavioural disorders, Anxiety and stress related problems. Brain Balls offers a powerful memory enhancing effect, increases attention span and accelerates the functioning of the Brain. It is recommended to start the treatment at an early age for satisfactory results.
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  Milk Masala Milk masala is a judicious blend of Natural herbs and spices to enhance the Qualitative value of milk resulting in better and stronger physical growth in adults and children. Specially for all who are averse to drinking plain milk. The salient features of milk masala being, it is highly palatable to all, more tastier and very easily digestible offering potential for physical growth. Moreover it is an excellent substitute for providing vital minerals like Zinc, Vitamin E and various antioxidants.
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  Speed Height Speed height capsules is an indigenously formulated Herbal combination which promotes and stimulates the Human growth Hormones that will help in gaining height. Production of growth hormones is the highest in the teens, and this is the time when maximum teens gain height and growth. Speed height capsules are to be administered 2 caps twice a day. Desirable results can be obtained after a six month course. Trials of the product have strongly indicated faster bone and growth size.
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