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  B-Oil An ideal oil for the Nourishment and Moisturizing of the breast tissues for the development of Fuller, Firmer and more alluring bust line. Regular application of B- oil prevents premature sagging of the Breasts. Being of a Herbal origin, has no un towed side effects. Regular application of the product gives absolute satisfaction to the person, through satisfactory enlargement of Breast with a firmer hold.
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  Face Pack A comprehensive beauty care package for the young and old. The Herbal face pack rejuvenates and nourishes the skin giving it a long lasting and youthful Glow. While maintaining a Lustrous skin, it also reduces the visible signs of ageing and imparts a glowing complexion making the skin appear more youthful. Regular application of the face pack leaves the skin Fairer, Brighter, smooth and Radiant.
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  Femina Syrup A judicious combination of herbs and Barks for the young girls and boys who suffer from various skin conditions like acne, pimples and lesions. The antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties of the cream help control infection in acne lesions. The cooling, soothing and emollient properties are useful in burning sensation and pruritus and makes the skin soft and supple. Astringent effect of the cream reduces pain in acne lesions.
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  Breast Toner For patients averse to application of oil locally can take oral capsules for desired results. An ideal product for breast tissues development, to gain fuller, firmer and more alluring bust line. Regular consumption prevents premature sagging of Breasts. Being of a herbal origin has no side effects.
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