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Dr. Rajesh Varma

International presence of Dr. Rajesh Varma was felt when he launched his overseas consultations in countries like U.K and Australia to make an earnest beginning. A couple of initial visits proved to be highly beneficial to the residents there, and the importance of Ayurveda and its enormous impact on Health and general well being was firmly established. With a burning desire to serve Mankind and follow Dadaji’s established norms of reliving the masses of pain and suffering from various diseases, the Ayurvedic Way, he set his eyes on other virgin countries where Ayurveda had not spread widely.
Dr. Varma’s overseas exploits started way back in 1992. And by the end of 2000 he had his consulting offices around the Globe. Today he has an array of satisfied patients in U.S.A, Canada, New Zealand and Fiji. The profound effect of his Ayurvedic Sermons, Treatments and emphasis to patients to adopt the Healthier, Heartier and Happier lifestyles through the most ancient and proved science of Ayurveda also called Holistic healing, was that he had to stay abroad for over 8 to 10 months in a year. To cope up with the huge response generated thus, he has been moving around the world, at the cost of his own family life, in spreading the Gospel of Ayurveda.


        His sojourns not only include Ayurvedic treatments but also Lectures, Seminars and Workshops on Health related issues practically in all countries. His seminars primarily revolve around subjects of Healthy Lifestyles, Balanced Diet, Stress and Tension control, Technique of consuming food and getting sleep to name a few. Interesting workshops on Pranayam, Yoga, Laughter Therapy, Meditation and Body movement therapy are also regularly conducted by him for a Noble cause. To add a glow to his efforts, his appearance on B.B.C and several other Newspapers and publications internationally, enriched the patients’ knowledge about the alternative science.


         Dr. Varma’s astute implementation of “Nadi Pariksha” or diagnosis through “Pulse Assessment” for exact diagnosis and subsequent relief has created ripples on the International scenario. His oratory skills and soft skills have made him the most sought after personality in the Medical, Education and Social field. All his stupendous efforts have resulted in an increasing urge amongst patients throughout the Globe, to adopt the innocent and age old science of Ayurveda for leading Healthy Lifestyles the Natural Way.


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