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Highlighting benefits accrued by adopting Ayurveda and Herbal Way of life to the Citizens of the Globe. Each and every household must be aware of the Ancient Science and its Divine presence which must be utilized to ease the suffering of Human beings. The main Moto in spreading the Divine and Holistic knowledge was to make people achieve the contended life essential, for Healthy and Peaceful Living.



To strengthen the Trust and Faith in Global citizens towards Ayurveda and the Herbal way to attain Bliss in life. An environment creation in the World, where everyone including children, adults and the aged, can enjoy the highest standards of Health and Development, whereby they are protected and nurtured to live their Life to its full Potential, by adopting the Ayurvedic and the Herbal Way of life.


Core Values

In striving harder in Research and Development to evolve newer and more effective Ayurvedic and Herbal combinations, for curing and treating as many ailments as possible, to carve out a Healthy Lifestyle for the Universal citizens.


     The Pioneer, Late Dr. B. L. Punjabi (Ayurvedacharya) had sown the seeds of a tiny Institution, christened as Nilkanth Mahadev Dispensary, since it was adjacent to a Mahadev Temple, way back in 1955. He strongly believed that “Ayurveda makes you too Fit to Quit“. Dadaji, as he was lovingly addressed was a very recognised personality in the Punjabi community. His unique and blessed ability in Diagnosing by Nadi Pariksha, lead to highly successful treatments of many a stubborn disease. His painstaking and calm approach towards all his patients gained him an enviable reputation amongst people not only in rural but urban areas also.


     The grandson of the Pioneer, Dr. Rajesh Varma, a young and an enthusiastic Ayurveda Visharad and a Naturopath, took over the reins of Nilkanth Mahadev Dispensary, in 1990. Late Dr. B.L. Punjabi had equipped him with a Unique and Invaluable key to diagnosis. Nadi Pariksha technique or the Art of diagnosis through Pulse Assessment. Application of the dynamics of Ayurveda and Herbal cure, vide correct diagnosis through “Nadi Pariksha“ earned Dr. Rajesh Varma name and fame not only in Gujarat but other states of India also. Soon he was nicked named “Wizard of Nadi Pariksha“. Nilkanth Mahadev Dispensary gained newer heights under the stewardship and guidance of Dr. Rajesh Varma. N.M.D today is an Institute Par Excellence catering to all categories of patients with varied ailments, and being treated with the Ayurvedic and the Herbal way. Charitable activities are also of prime importance to the Institute. Educating the masses and the population at large, on adopting the Ayurvedic Health care system, has also gained momentum.


Our Manufacturing Facility

Our Ayurvedic, Herbal and Bark extracts are being processed at Piplata, Dist. Kheda, India.


    The manufacturing unit is well equipped with state-of-art Technology, capable of manufacturing liquids, capsules, tablets, liniments, ointments, oils and pastes. We provide excellent quality Ayurvedic medications, under strict supervision of Trained Technicians and follow Good Manufacturing Practices ( G.M.P.) We are also awarded the G.M.P. certificate. The manufacturing unit is equipped with all Functional Advanced Testing Facility.


    In-process Quality Control methods are adopted and monitored to ensure standardized, safe and effective Ayurvedic and Herbal medicines. The efficacy across the batches is ensured through stringent Quality Control parameters. Time Tested and honoured principles of Ayurveda are being followed to arrive at efficacious products for Therapeutic use.


Our Pharmacy

Nilkanth Mahadev Dispensary’s product development Philosophy rests on G.M.P. We are engaged in the process of product development right from the stage of Herbs and Barks procurement to the finished product.
Our Formulations and combinations are so designed to deliver optimum results therapeutically. And continuous development of Newer Versions and concepts compliments conventional medicines, thereby providing wider treatment options to patients. As a result, leading all patients to enjoy a Healthier and Happier Life.
Needless to mention, we have a well organised distribution network, to cater to the demand of Ayurvedic products from patients spread across the Globe.


Dr. Neeta – A profile.

Due to Dr. Varma’s extensive International commitments, a suitable replacement in Dr.Neeta, was ultimately choiced to head Nilkanth Mahadev Dispensary, at Nadiad, Gujarat.


     Dr. Neeta, after graduation, from Arya Kanya Ayurvedic College, Baroda in 1993, decided to effectively make use of her acquired knowledge and skill by starting a private practise. In her practise of over 15 years, she gained rich first hand experience and sharpened her skills in treating Lifestyle diseases like Hypertension and Diabetes. Treating innumerable patients with varied ailments vide Ayurvedic Camps conducted throughout Gujarat, has added on to her invaluable experience.


    Dr. Neeta’s areas of expertise are Gynaecology, Dermatology and Arthritis. In her search for even a wider and far reaching platform from which to utilize her proficiency and expertise for Ayurvedic treatments ended when she joined Nilkanth Mahadev Dispensary, Nadiad in 2009. To-day she is an integral part of the Institution. The number of patients in the O.P.D has been on the rise ever since she took over. Her polite, calm, courteous and caring approach has earned her Laurels from the patient fraternity. She always emphasises to all the patients, not to be misled by cheap propaganda and advertisements in Newspapers, Magazines regarding Ayurvedic products and their tall claims. She is a firm believer in Ayurveda, and that it gives optimum, satisfactory and effective results, only if prescribed to patients after identifying the “Prakruti” and treating accordingly.


    Dr. Neeta is on the panel of experts of Nilkanth Mahadev Dispensary looking after all complaints, queries and suggestions of patients and well-wishers abroad. She also handles on-line consultation for International patients.


Our Charitable Activities

“Charity is not simply a matter of dispensing money or commodity, but of making a deep and a long term commitment by casting a hard eye on results.“


    The sense of Charity and the spirit of Philanthropy was floated by Late Dr. B.L. Punjabi since the inception of Nilkanth Mahadev Dispensary, Nadiad, Gujarat, India, in 1955. To day Charity is the Soul of the Institution. The path charted out by Dadaji, of helping and serving the downtrodden, is being followed religiously and rigorously. And that too, it being a fully Blossomed Activity at Nilkanth Mahadev Dispensary now. All patients coming from far off places of Gujarat suffering from various ailments, at Nilkanth Mahadev Dispensary, are screened out on the basis of socio economic status, irrespective of caste, creed or religion on a day to day basis. All the patients who qualify, are being given consultation at no cost, free medicines are provided for as many number of days as required. Occasionally afternoon meals are also provided to patients coming from remote areas. Many times to and fro fares are also offered to the poorest to reach their respective destinations. On and often free medical camps and various other activities are being conducted, aimed at promoting Ayurveda and its advantages over other modes of treatment.


    Various patients clientele ,are knowingly or unknowingly part and parcel of this Noble gesture, because a part of what they pay as medicine charges is diverted towards this Cause.



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